Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday August 24

It has been pouring down rain since about when I woke up this morning. Doesn't look like it will let up anytime soon.
We have chosen to stay home from church this morning, but I do hope to make it to Bible study this evening.
Lord of the Rings movies are in all day starting soon. I plan on watching them as maybe doing so will help me get more in to the Lord of the Rings curriculum that I am doing with the girls.

I have been doing quite a few photo essays along with my regular posts on gather with the promotion going on. Today I will share part 2 of the Zoo. Hutchinson Zoo August 20--Photo Essay 2

We would sort of like to go bowling for the $1 a game this afternoon and practice up for league starting, but then again we don't want to go. Time will tell on that one.
Tomorrow is an EXTREMELY busy day. Allen to school and back, Ariel and Araya both have doctor appointments, Heather has a doctor appointment, my mom has her doctor appointment, we need to shop at Walgreens, mom has Avon orders to deliver, and I have work too!
I won't have much computer time tomorrow at all but will do the best I can.

I am off for today and I hope everyone has a good day.
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