Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday August 30

Good afternoon to all.
I started out this morning doing a recap post on gather of featured members from my own group. I got that done and realized I better get to the farmers market. I bought apples, potatoes, zucchini and a cantaloupe. From the farmers market I headed out to Home Depot to use my gift card I had earned from gather. I had no idea that shelving cost so much! I ended up using my entire card on some plastic shelving. Then, I did buy a plastic tote on a good sale.
I am finally getting the basement in order...well, attempting anyway. I hauled a bunch of stuff out to the garage last night that should have been taken out there when we moved it. This frees up a space where I am going to put the sturdy card table and pile it with mom's boxes and then put what I can on the shelf that I bought.

Today I will share a photo essay that I did on my cat and some toads, it's kind of cute. Ichygo and the Toads--photo essay
By the way, I cashed out for another $50 in amazon on gather yesterday putting me another step closer to getting that laptop.

Until tomorrow, have a glorious day!
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