Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday August 27

What a morning! I went to bed with a migraine. I took an Excedrin migraine which usually helps to not wake up with a migraine, but I did. I fixed my breakfast drink, took another Excedrin migraine and just sat until the pain started to subside. So...I got a really late start this morning on the computer and I have to be at work in 15 minutes.
We woke up to lots of lightening and loud thunder. I think it is supposed to rain most all day.
We kicked some behind in bowling last night and we had lots of fun.
I took some pictures for the summerpics promo at gather, but I will share those another day.

Today I want to share my photo essay on our church painting day. Church Painting Day--August 16--Photo Essay

There are no appointment on my calendar today, but this is Ariel and Araya's first day at Headstart. They are excited. With me having the only vehicle it means I have to let Elizabeth take me to work so she can get them to school, then come back and pick me up. The heath department just called to and got Heather in for a 10:35 am appointment, so Liz will also have to take her there.

I better get on to work. Have a very blessed day!
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