Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fun Saturday

The morning started with going to a string of garage sales. I got some pretty good deals.
After that I took my mom to the Farmer's Market. We didn't find much there at all except signs hung up apologizing because of the late Spring weather this year.
Once home I started making ice cream in maker that I bought at one of the sales.

Before the ice cream was done it was time to head to the Kansas Splashdown. This place is awesome fun! It's our indoor water park. I love the waterslides the most. We rarely go because of the cost to get in, but today we went with the Headstart group. We did volunteer work of some sort each month of the school year and this was our end of the year party for the volunteers.

Please click on the button on the top for information on the Under The Rainbow Birthday Celebration coming up soon! We need both vendors as well as customers to help us celebrate 5 years!

Today'e ebay listing is another product by JD Premium Products. Burst of Radiance Green Tea Bar soap--2 bars. These retail for $14.99

Thanks gang,

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