Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Here it is Wednesday. I got Allen off to school, only 6 school days left after today.
I went out to water the garden and see that the lettuce is sprouting....maybe in a few weeks we can eat some garden fresh lettuce.

I'm disappointed in netwinner. They have chosen to refund everyone's points instead of fulfilling cash outs we've already been waiting 6 months for. Now all we can do with our points is enter raffles. I've never been too fortunate in this area, but I used some of my points that way. I probably will continue to play at netwinner just because it's habit...and it plays in the background while I do several other sites.

Looks like todays high is 70. They are still calling for rain tomorrow and a high of only 65 for our cookout day at work. well over 600 people to feed will make for a crowded inside the school if it rains.

todays ebay listing is Homemaking for teen-agers. Published in 1966...I love this textbook!

Almost time for work....have a great day!
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