Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

Good Morning to my online friends. Today should be a good day. We have an extra appointment this afternoon, and Heathers Tuesday group, but I think thats it for today.
I am in hopes of working on more coupons today. I'm closer to getting them cut out and in to my box, then I have the work of organizing them in to my notebook. I didn't make my goal of having them done by Sunday evening, but at least I am progressing with them.

Today's ebay listing is the Readers Digest book free money free stuff.
Great resource book, that in today's economy everyone should read and follow.

I'm over half way to the points I need at boomertowne to get my first $25 gift card. I'm going to head there now before work for more points. I can still use referrals this month. If you are interested in getting in on the fun just send me an email to marsha.seiberling@gmail.com with boomertowne in the subject line and I will email you a referral email.

Have a glorious day!

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