Sunday, April 13, 2008


Always later to post on Sundays. This morning I got up and felt like I was cooking at a restaurant! My boyfriend wanted biscuits and gravy for breakfast but we don't have a working oven. So instead we had eggs, pancakes and sausage. With the 10 of us that live in the house plus him being here too meant cooking for 11 people.

Church went well, I actually remembered after church to clean the altar....unlike last week. That is what happens when yo have a million things rolling around in your mind. We also had a Mexican dinner after church to raise funds for the youth.
Tonight will be the 2nd week of the Bible study, I am looking forward to seeing what I will learn.

Tomorrow evening the girls and I leave for home school camp. I am in the process of packing for that now. Also in the process of finishing up the last 5 samples I need to mail off my box to Sample Gal tomorrow.

Today's ebay listing is a textbook: Fundamentals of Selling-Customers for Life.

Have a great evening!

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