Saturday, April 19, 2008

Is it Saturday?

Is it Saturday?? Well, gosh, I stayed up late last night since it was Friday and I could sleep in this morning. My body woke me up by 6:30 am anyway. I went upstairs and my mom and Heather were both awake too LOL. Oh well, the only real thing in my planner for today is cleaning at the church this morning.

To the side here you will see a picture I took yesterday. I completed the hot pad/coaster set and thought that it would look really pretty on the table. I set it up and took the picture before mailing it off to the gal. It so happens, that the gal receiving the hotpad/coaster set is also the one that I bought the tea light centerpiece from that you see in the middle of my table....from At Home America.

Today's ebay listing is a book entitled Making Peace With Food.

I guess that's it for today's blog. The weather is supposed to be super nice today and tomorrow, so here's hoping the same for you too!


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