Saturday, April 26, 2008

Refreshing Sleep was so nice to sleep in! My grandson spent the night with his dad, Araya fell asleep upstairs, so I only had Ariel in bed with me last night. Another reason why I probably got more refreshing sleep too LOL

You may have guessed, I didn't get all those scrubbies made yesterday. For one thing, I didn't realize just how much materials I had on hand. For another, I didn't really get started on them until evening time.
I will try to finish them up today, then I want to move on to finishing up a prayer shawl that I started for church.

I get to stay home today, other than taking my mom to JC Penney's to get my son a pair of jeans for his birthday. Woo Hoo! These days of lots of home time just don't happen very often.

Today's ebay listing is another Psychology textbook.

Yesterday I signed up to do 2 online parties in June with Regina. I will have more info on that as the time gets closer. June will also be the Birthday Celebration event at Under The Rainbow as well.

That's all for today...Have a blessed day!


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