Friday, April 25, 2008

We made it to Another Friday

It's Friday! I do have to work today...1-3 pm for the last session of our Power Panthers at work.
My birthday was pretty nice yesterday despite the fact that I had to run, run, run and run some more and got very little time online.
I came home at one point and found a card up on my monitor from my boyfriend. It's one of those musical ones and he put a $10 bill inside.
My mom gave me a necklace/earring set, some hand lotion and a lip balm from Avon.
My 16 yr old Heather, got me a whole bag of goodies...a candle, a candle holder, some body spray, some hair clips, a heart pillow and a card with a nice note inside from her.
My 22 year old, Elizabeth, and my almost 25 year old, Johnathon got together....Johnathon got me a yellow garden hose. Elizabeth got me a yellow spray nozzle for the hose, yellow gardening gloves and a yellow handled garden shovel. (yellow is my favorite color)

The Lord of the Rings curriculum came in the mail yesterday. Wowser! It's a lot larger than I thought. The student workbook is 620 pages. I am making 2 copies of each page, one for Heather and one for Jasmine. This way, when we are done with it I can resell it blank to someone else. I started making copies last night and finished what I could this morning. I got up to page 130 before I ran out of paper.

I finished my craft order and it's ready to mail. This gal is putting together baskets for gifts for 2 weddings she is attending. I plan to do the same at Christmas time, making each person up a gift basket. They will be varied depending on the person.

I hope to get all of the materials I have for scrubbies made in to scrubbies today.

Today's ebay list is is A Casebook for English teachers. A great teaching resource.

Here's a great start to your weekend!

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