Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sample Gal!!

Yesterday I had a really good day online. I got lots of things done on here.
I attended an online party with Faithann. I bought a candle from one lady, and some beauty items from another gal. But, what I did that was really exciting was to join Sample Gal.

This is a really neat site! What a great way to help support and get to know work at home moms (and dads) and their businesses. Buy a box and you will receive samples from several businesses.

Or, sign up as a consultant yourself and receive commissions on boxes that you sell. Sign up is FREE for a limited time!

Or, become a sponsor and send in samples from your own business to be put in to the box. Send in samples and receive points and earn a free sample box.

Or, do both!

I hope you will check it out.

Today's ebay listing is a geometry book.

I am off to work for the day soon. Just doing what I can on the computer before I have to go. I still need to get myself ready, and put the ham and beans in the crockpot for supper tonight.

Have a great Saturday!

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