Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Busy Tuesday

Here it is another Tuesday....a busy Tuesday.
I have to be at work soon. Hopefully after work I have enough time before 3 pm to get some good school work done with the girls. The family therepist comes out at 3 pm.
At least I know what up for supper tonight...Shepards Pie. Then its off to bowling. Well, with taking Heather to her group in between too.

I won't have too long of a post today. I got delayed on getting on here with my granddaughter Araya this morning. She is scared of my mom. So, mom went to work and I had to stay with her and get her breakfast and get her dressed. Thank goodness daddy is here to entertain her right now hehe.

Today's ebay posting is a DVD U-571


Thanks for taking a look today.

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