Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter to all!!
We started the day with breakfast at our church, then an easter egg hunt for the kids. We didn't stay for the services at our own church as my niece was being baptizes at my brothers church.
It was a nice service and a nice change (we are Lutheran, he is Baptist).

I have our Easter dinner cooking, so it's my time on the internet now.

I am disappointed with eBay. They have changed their scripting and now individual auction pages break frames in traffic exchanges. I'm deciding what I swhould do, but for now I am keeping with my goal of listing a new item each day.
Today I listed a lot of 2 Tupperware Super Cereal Storers.

And hey! I actually got the washcloths made, got pictures and got them on my table page. I also added in the rainbow colored crocheted rag rug that I made. You can find my table site at
You will please need to click Specials from the top menu to see the page.

To everyone, have a most blessed Easter!

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