Monday, March 24, 2008


Back to school, back to work. I don't think we have any more days off of school until early May now......then the end of the school year towards the end of May. A day I am waiting for. I am anxious to see just what I can do on this computer over the summer.

My oldest daughter started her job today, but she took my van to work with. She is working for a rental company and needs transportation to get from property to property to work. I don't like the idea, but until she can get her own vehicle we have to do what we can. This means that her boyfriend is going to get me to work and back as well as pick up my grandson from school. She is supposed to be buying herself a car on the 1st.

Today's ebay listing is a lot of 4 Rocket Readers Level Pre-Level 1.

I'm not really sure what my other plans are for today other than a trip to the grocery store this evening and working with the girls on their school work this afternoon. I have no plans once again on what to fix for supper.....I really need to sit down and make out my menus, its so much easier that way.

Have a great Monday,

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