Thursday, March 27, 2008


What is Thursday going to bring? I'm thinking other than work the only thing in my planner is to take my 16 yr old, Heather, to her group session. However, my mom just came downstairs telling me she is going to try to get a dentist appt. this afternoon. Oh joy. She just doesn't seem to understand the importance of 1-3 PM. That's the time I need to have some real school work time with the girls before it's time to go pick up my grandson from school.

Elizabeth, my oldest daughter, and Jasmine, my 11 yr old ended up working 6 hours on that community service project. Jasmine came home covered in red paint from painting fire hydrants, but very proud of herself for the work she did. I felt good for her too.

Today's ebay listing is The Bourne Identity on DVD

See you tomorrow!

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