Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!

Busy seems to have become my middle name.
Todays plans include getting my daughters over to Headstart in the next 15 minutes. While I am at work today they are taking part in the DOC program. DOC stands for day of care and is something we are doing with Headstart this year with the parents. Our way of paying back the community with volunteer work. Today they are going to the town of Haven to paint benches, bleachers etc in the city park.

Then, this afternoon we have Heathers appointments and her math tutoring. This evening is Family Fun Night at our church, and the younger kids will go to Awanas at another church.

So, real quick, todays ebay list is another Lot of 4 Rocket Readers, these are Level 2 and 3.

Shot, I even volunteered to work 7 hours this Saturday at Headstart doing child care while they offer a parenting class. I can't believe I am giving up my Saturday. Saturday is the ONLY day where I virtually have the whole day for the internet, but, I need the money worse on my paycheck.

Gotta run,
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