Friday, March 28, 2008


Today I can actually say Thanks God It's Friday! Since I am working tomorrow I will spend today as my internet day. I will have to be up and down though helping girls get school work done.

It's still rainy and chilly here. Looking at the 5 day forecast it looks like after today highs in the low 60's....todays high is about 55. Its the cool wind out there that bothers me the most.

I let Elizabeth take the van so she can actually work today. Doesn't bother me a bit....great excuse as to why I can't go anywhere! I am in hopes they don't let her go form the job until she can get her own vehicle.

I went ahead and listed another lot of 2 of the Tupperware Super Cereal Storers on ebay today.
There are several watchers on the other lot of 2, but this is the last that I have of these.

I removed the movie that I listed yesterday. Sorry about that, but I guess its the one that my daughters boyfriend is missing from his collection so he wanted to just buy it from me. Works for me, but I hope I didn't make anyone didn't show any watchers.

I need to get busy finding more things to list.

I can't get internet explorer to open for some reason this morning. I always play my netwinner in it. Seems when I play in firefox everything about comes to a complete stop. I am going to have to restart my computer then I can really get busy with my money making things on here.

Have a glorious Friday!
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