Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WIP Wednesday 9/5/12

I wish I could report that I have kept up with my goal of making it into my craft room each and every day.
I did make it in there 3 days out of the last 7.
I have an idea in my head on how to make some pillowcases with applique, but it's not gone past my head yet!  I bought the fabric only to find out that what I bought wasn't wide enough.  So, I only ended up being able to cut the size for 3 pillowcases instead of 4.  But now, as I get the instructions out that I printed I see that it does state 42-44 inch fabric.  It was 42 inches!  ggrrr  I've messed it all up.  Just that takes my motivation out of wanting to make them.
Not to mention that I don't know that much about applique.  I'm going to experiment with that on the leftover piece of fabric.
I guess all I have to say is wish me luck.  I don't know how I am so confused....pillowcases should be so simple to make!

If you have a link to a simple pillowcase pattern and tutorial, please give me the link.  Thanks!

We are coming up on a busy week as the state fair starts this Friday.

This past week I did manage to at least sew the half square triangles, cut them and iron them.  The ones that I had lines on last week, if you remember my photo.  This isn't all that I need for the quilt top but it's a good start.  Now if I can just get more of the squares put together.
This is my progress on the knitted prayer shawl for church:
And, you know me, I can't stay on just one project.  I have started crocheting  the prayer shawl as well.  I can't make any more granny squares until I finish the prayer shawls to see how much yarn I have left to use in the squares!
I am a bit further on this as I took it last night and crocheted while we had bingo family fun night at church.
I believe that is it for this week.  I'm working on getting some more items listed to my etsy shop and I sold my very first quilt!  I'm getting that ready for the post office now.

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