Saturday, September 8, 2012

Week 2 of Progressive's Snapshot Program #TrySnapshot

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This is week 2 for me using Progressive's Snapshot in my van.

I didn't get a post up after my 1st week, but I have watched my savings over the past 2 weeks. First I had an A+ rating after just a couple of day.
Then...hard braking knocked me down to 28% savings. Ouch!

Currently I have a grade of A and I'm sitting at 20% savings.

When looking at my report today I have 1.2 on hard braking per 100 miles, .3 rapid acceleration per 100 miles, and driving an average of 23 miles per day.

I thought maybe it was excessive driving that was "driving" my percentage down, but according to the Snapshot website, average is 30 miles per day. And here I thought I was out and about ALL the time!

What is Snapshot you might be asking? Snapshot is a device, provided by Progressive. It plugs into your diagnostic port and tracks via computer how you drive. As you can see, it tracks the miles you drive, rapid acceleration and hard braking.

If you are a safe driver, the percentage that you can save by switching to Progressive can get up to 30%!

Snapshot is free to try for 30 days. No strings attached! Simply return the Snapshot device with the pre-paid label once your 30 days are over. In the meantime you can see just how your driving measures up and you will have the chance to save big on your car insurance.

In this day, it's very important to save all the money that you can.
Click the picture below and check it out for yourself. Remember, you are under no obligation with Progressive for giving it a try.

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