Friday, September 7, 2012

Frugal Friday Link Up--Sept. 7, 2012

It's here...the Kansas State Fair! Although that does mean a not so frugal week. We have to do some real figuring though after paying bills on just how much money we do have to spend.

My daughter has a job at the fair, and we are being frugal in the way of fixing food from home for her lunch and supper. It would be way too much for her to eat her meals at the fair. We even shopped the sales and used coupons for most of what we bought her for the week.

This week I want to share different uses for dental floss from the 99 Cent Solutions Book:
1. It cuts like a knife. Hold dental floss taut to cut butter, brownies, soft cheeses and many other soft foods. Move it from side to side for a clean cut. (I see this at a birthday party when they cut the cake and it worked like a charm!)

2. Make a lifeline for your keys. If you are tired of fishing around the bottom of your purse for your keys, let dental floss help. Just measure the distance from the bottom of your purse to the bottom of the purse handle and add 6 inches. Tie your keys to one end with a tight know, and tie the other end to the bottom of the purse handle. Now you can easily get to your keys by pulling on the line.

3. Get crafty. Use dental floss (2 strands for extra strength) in place of the more expensive string when making beaded bracelets and necklaces. Again, it works like a charm. (This can really save you a lot of money as dental floss is often on sale and has a coupon too!)

4. Button, Button, who has the button? Sew your buttons on with ultra-durable dental floss instead of thread. It gives you a particularly strong bond. They won't fall off and get lost.

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