Friday, June 8, 2012

TGIFF--Let's Play Catch Up on Finishes!

OMG!  How many Friday's have gotten by me and I've not shared my finishes?  I really have lost count.
Tonight is sit n' sew at the quilt shop.  It's a crying shame that I have not done any sewing since the last sit n' sew.  Sad that I have to take my machine and go away from home to get any sewing accomplished!  At least I don't remember sewing anything in the last 4 weeks.  Surely it's not been 4 weeks since my last finish?  Yep, this is how my days have been---so busy that I don't know which way is up!

I am now on the board of our quilt guild.  I am the historian and I'm already wondering what I've done.  It's not much more than taking pictures, getting them printed and putting them in the photo album with a description.  I should be able to handle that and I do enjoy taking pictures.  Also anything in the newspaper about our guild will go into the book.

I've signed up for the Sampler at the quilt shop.  This block of the month club goes for 20 months.  I'm excited to learn new techniques.  IF I remember, I will share my newest completed block each month.

Not sewing related, but I also discovered a local facebook group for couponers.  That has really got me motivated to keep my coupons in order and look for, and take advantage of, the good deals out there. 

Ok...let's move to my finishes (can I find the one photo since I've gotten a new computer since completing it?)   Yay!  I found it in a folder dated 4/18.  Has it really been that long since I finally completed this scrappy quilt for sewing club at church?    It turned out great and has been labeled and donated to the Domestic Violence Center along with 4 polysester quilts that we finished up (the tops were done and donated to us)
Here is a better photo I am finding in my 4/24 folder.  You can see the design much clearer in this well as out 2 cats thinking they need to check it out.
And a close up of the binding and the material I chose to use for the backing.

I had a request to make a plastic bag holder for an order.  I found out they are easy and fun to make.  I actually made several and have more cut and ready to make.  Some are up in my etsy shop.
I attended my first ever workshop.  It was great fun and great learning.....and very expensive!  The technique is called Fusique and was taught by Linda Everhart of
Here is my completed table runner.   Since I have chosen fabric for another one.  I am using the pattern, modified a bit to make a wall hanging for my kitchen.  I need to do a lot with it considering the money put out to learn to begin with  :)
Last but not least on my catching up to post is the quilt that I made for  This was my first time trying to machine quilt.  I am not happy with it at all, but I am assured by others that I did well for my first time.  The biggest problem is that the quiltsforkids do want them to be perfect for the kids.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my finishes.  Off I go now to add to this weeks TGIFF post and check out the finishes of others!  Click the button at the top of this post to see everyone's work.

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