Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Homeschool Journal--About Time I Checked In

I'm not sure I've posted here on my blog about our homeschool since shortly after Jasmine got home from England.

Things have been crazy schedule wise.  We tried really hard to get back in to the swing of a full school day.  It somehow never happened.  Sure, we did have a few good full schoolwork days here and there but not many.

Now here it is summer break time.  I had intended to just do a few of the things until we were done with those books.  That's also not working out so well.  It's hard when her friends are out of school and wanting to hang out.  I just can't tell her "sorry, we need to do math, science, etc etc before you can go".  Her social life is important to her, and to me too.

We have been reading books about Japan.  That was one thing I wanted to finish up throughout the summer.  Well.....the books are due back to the library today and we have already kept them an additional 3 weeks.   I've written down the titles of the books we didn't get to.  I also wrote down the books we started reading and what page we are on.  I will still try to check say 1 out at a time and read when we can.  You know, I am reading these out loud to her so that I am also learning.   You can see the books we are done with on our Learning About Japan lens that we are building as we finish each book.

I wanted to finish up the math book we are using for review on the dry erase board.  We may still get to that as there are 20 lessons left.  We will see.    We are still reading out of the devotions books, of course.   We need to finish the questions at the end of the chapter we are on in the Introduction to Business text.   We are also going to keep working out of the Everyday Fit book.

Church, Bible study, and youth group and all activities involved in those still goes on.  And, we all know that schooling never really ends anyway, especially when you are homeschooling  :)


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