Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday 3/21/12--My Camera is in England but......

......I made sure to get pics for this week before sending it off with my daughter.  Yes, I sent my camera to England with my daughter, in the hopes that she doesn't lose it while she is there!  Of course that she also gets tons of pictures taken.  She doesn't return until the evening next Wednesday so pictures will be about none next week...unless I try to figure out how to save my cell phone pics to the computer.

I've gotten more work done on the cross magnets while out and about but didn't take a picture.  I think I made 7 or 8 more and have magnets for 12 more.  They are sometimes good sellers at our garage sales, which will be starting soon.

I worked more on the flower quilt I am working on:
 I am happy with my progress on the scrappy quilt for sewing club at church....just 2 more rows to sew together, and they are pinned ready to be sewn.  This one has been putting together a puzzle and I love the way it looks.  I thought of making one to put up for sale, then thought no, but now I am thinking why not?  It takes forever, but hopefully eventually I would get it done.
 We are on Day 81 of the Granny a Day 2012 challenge.  I am worked through next week with a picture so I will at least have that to share next Wednesday.  You might notice that I have started putting the edging on as well as far as I could.  That's Molly posing pretty on the bed with it.
 The remainder of this week must be working on the other 2 walker bags for quilt guild.  They need to be turned in on Monday.  No sewing today----I stayed up until 4 am watching my daughters flight to London online---and it's a cloudy rainy day too, so I have no energy---plus hubby and I are cooking today for supper at church tonight too.

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