Friday, March 23, 2012

Frugal Friday Link Up--3 Uses for Spam

Welcome to Friday. I really slept in today. I'm sure it's because my body really needed the rest...maybe my mind too!

I've had lots of thoughts on saving money this past week. Basic things such as not having excess lights on in the house, getting my coupons in order, using up leftovers for meals. Paying the bills today is top priority and then forcing my husband to take a realistic view of a budget and making him understand that just because there is some money in the bank, doesn't mean that he can spend it. Does anyone else have this problem with their hubby?

Today's share from the 99 cent solutions book is 3 uses for Spam---yes, Spam!

1. Polish wood furniture. Cut off a chunk of Spam, wipe it across your wood tabletop, and polish it off with a soft cloth. Spam has no harmful chemicals and no silicone that will build up like many furniture polishes have.

2. De-mist mirrors. Wipe a chunk of Spam across a mirror and wipe it off with a soft cloth. The light coatung of oil it will leave behind is invisible, and your mirror won't steam up for weeks!

3. Catch fish. A chunk of Spam is what catfish or carp fishermen will tell you to use. Take 2 cans on your next fishing trip--one for the fish, and one for you.

The book also shares 2 pages on the history of Spam.

Who would have thought of some of the things I see in this book. I need opinions please. Would you like me to continue through the book as I am, or would it be better if I read through the book and just note things that I really think are good? At the rate I am going, it will be 2 years from now before I share everything in the book the way I am doing it. That's ok, as I do plan to still be here 2 years from now ;)

Would you like to buy your own copy?

Now it's your turn to link up!


  1. Spam is not something I grew up with, but my husband's family ate it often and loves it. I'm not sure about using it on furniture--it would seem the meat fat might become rancid.

  2. continue with the tips! I learn a lot each week from them! I think it makes for a great blog article! :)


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