Thursday, March 22, 2012

Squidoo Hopping! --VAllain's Lens Updating Challenge

Lensmaster vallain (Virginia Allain) has issued a challenge. The challenge is to pick up to 3 of our lenses that rank between 200,000 and 250,000 and update them 3 times over a period of days. No advertising, or linking up that you have updated them until the end of the challenge. Hey, that is a challenge within itself. The experiment is to see how lensrank does with updating alone.

Hop on over to her lens or full details.  I am sure happy that I did!  She links in others lenses that will really help you with updating and making your lenses stand out as well.  Thank you Virginia!

Squidoo Updates/Lensrank Challenge

As you know, I've just not had the motivation needed to do much work on lenses the past few weeks.  I hope this challenge will give me what I need and that I can keep it up!

No....I can't share which 3 lenses I chose to update, but they will be revealed in the end.  I will say that these lenses really needed to be updated!  Ugh!  They were boring, lacked much in fact that I wonder how they were even in the 200,000 ranking to begin with!  I'm also glad that there are 3 updatings with the challenge because then I can take my time at getting in the updates that should have been done on these a long time ago.

For this week in the linky I am going to randomly pick a couple of my other lenses to share.  I do hope to see lots of link ups.

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