Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday--Will The Projects Ever Be Complete?

My intent over this next week is to complete all of the cross magnets that I have magnet strips for, and to fill in all the squares for my baby blocks.  I want these done so I can use up the growing amount of yarn in this bag next to me for making the granny squares.

Monday I experienced my first work day at Quilt Guild.  We are making walker bags to be given to a cancer group.  They are going to auction off the bags to raise money for patients.  In the first photo is a group of some of the women working.  The second photo is what I have accomplished so far.  I brought home materials to make 4 of the bags.  So far I only have the first 2 steps done, so if nothing else I will do those steps  on all 4 bags then get instructions in person on how to move on.  Reminding me of high school sewing class days....asking step by step for instructions on following a sewing pattern!
Oh gosh...I only made it in to my craft room to sew twice in the last week.  Neither time was for very long.  I really wanted to have this quilt done before the end of the month...can I do it?
 I am in the process of finishing up what will be my last set of hot pads and matching coasters....for now.  I do want to use up more of the yarn already out of my stash for the granny squares.
 We met again for sewing club at church.  I'm having a lot of fun with the every week instead of just once a month.  We even had someone new join us, and hopefully she will continue to well as a couple others.  We are meeting again next week as we work on finishing up quilts already started.  I had my daughter take a picture of us all working to tie this quilt top. (If you are wondering about the beds and things in the background, we host a bike hostel in our church)
 Here is my progress on the toothbrush rug.  It's not going to end up near the size I had hoped for, but I should have it finished before my post here next week.  I am going to probably not start my next one until I get some other projects done.
 Last but not least---day 32 of the Granny Square a Day 2012 challenge.  I almost have 2 rows done now!  I'm excited as each day it gets a little larger.  It's laying across our king size bed.

Hopefully I will have some progress on the scrappy quilt next week as well.  In the meantime, I am hooking up with the following blogs:
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