Thursday, February 2, 2012

Squidoo Hopping--Re-Building My Notebook

First things first....I would like to thank poutine for taking the time to share last weeks blog hop link with others.  It was wonderful to see so many link up!  I still have to get to most of them, but I love it!

This week I will be working on re-organizing, or re-building, my squidoo notebook.  I started January 1, but didn't get far.  I started a notebook of lenses when I started on squidoo, but as my lens count grows, it's too hard to find the lens and make my notes on what I am doing with it.  I am in the process of re-writing things and putting the papers into a 3 ring binder in alphabetical order.  This sure will help me find the lens faster to make note of my updates and such.  Yeah, I know, I should be using some sort of computer program and saving it on disc, but I have a hard time with those.

I didn't get to building any new lenses this week.  I did add 2 more pictures and 2 more books to our Learning About England lens.  (We are having some passport issues, so if you are the praying kind, please pray she gets her passport in time for the trip!)

I also noticed that after over 2 years at the top of my list, the Helen Steiner Rice lens has dropped to #2.  In it's place is now Tweety Bird.    I'm not sure how he got so popular, but cool!  I just spent over an hour updating good old Tweety Bird.  I added some colored backgrounds and some more amazon modules, and it also now donates 10% to the Humane Society.   Please let me know what you think.  Thanks!

Off I go to get this posted and hope to get lots of link ups this week as well.

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