Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Homeschool Journey--Learning Along

Jasmine and I had another good week of learning this past week. She completed all assignments I had ready for her for the week.
We read a lot more about England. This week we meet to learn a lot more about the trip. OMG! I am so nervous about her passport. Yesterday in the mail came a letter from the passport place stating that what was sent in was a copy of the divorce papers and they need the originals. The trip is March 20. I am mailing off the papers today with prayer (and a note inside, even though the outside of the return envelope they sent has a space to put in the departure date of her trip)

The gals and I are meeting at sewing club at church more often right now because we have a lot of quilts piling up to be finished. Here is a picture of Jasmine and her schoolwork while we are working:

We are meeting again today for the day, so next week's photo will be similar.
I'm going to look up a Bible study I had started with the girls a few years back and get it back out. It will be something that Jasmine, my husband, and I can work on on Wednesday's together. That is my husbands day off for one thing, and another is that he is really wanting to do Bible study.

Off and running I go!

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