Friday, January 13, 2012

TGIFF!-Quilt Top and Name Tag

This isn't a complete finish, but it's my part of the finish.  I make a lot of the quilt tops for sewing club at church.  The other ladies finish the quilts.
I've had this one sitting and only working on it bits at a time for months now.  I am glad to have it together.  It will be a small quilt for a child.  We donate our made quilts to the local domestic violence center.  
Now I am working on cutting squares for a scrappy quilt.  One of the gals at sewing club wants to see my up my experience.
 As you know, I started attending the local quilt guild group last November.  I paid my membership dues in December.  I found out that one of the drawings each month is only for members who have made their own nametags.  This is my hurry up job of a name tag.  I made this while at sewing club at church this month and it probably took me about 10 minutes.  (The other drawing at guild is for fat quarters.  Each month is a different color.  You bring one to be in the drawing.  Usually what is brought in is divided into 4 bags for 4 winners drawn.)
 That's it for my report this week.  I do hope to complete my flower fabric quilt by next Friday.  I'm heading in to my sewing room in a bit to sew together the backing and start getting it laid out for pinning.
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