Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Homeschool Journal--Didn't Get Off To a Good Start

Hip Homeschool Hop Button We didn't get off to the start I had hoped for after Christmas break.
I made my goal of making Jasmine out an assignment sheet for the week---assignments for her to do on her own, that is.

We started off Tuesday on our track to get her passport.  We ran into a snag and had to wait until Thursday to finally get it paid for.  They say she is fine with plenty of time to get it in before the trip to England in March.

We ended up being away from home a lot!  Some of the times were planned, some were not.  We did take along the folder and assignments, just didn't get to them the way we should have.  She did complete over half of the list.  However, at home we only got around to math one day, and devotions each day.

Some of the things she did this week--Church, Bible study, youth group, bingo family night at church.

I have to reflect back on how many educational things she does on her own.   She was playing a trivia game online over and over.  She chose to watch shows such as How It's Made.  She has gone completely through the Visual Brain Storms cards, and started them over.  She is always drawing.  She is always writing on the computer.  She is always reading something, whether it's a magazine, a story on the computer, or a book.

This week started out exceptionally well though---hoping to keep it up all week.  :)

I apologize for not having any photos to share.  If I did take one or two they have slipped my mind with the crazy away from home week we had.
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