Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Homeschool Journal--Great Week!

Hip Homeschool Hop ButtonAh ha!  Jasmine and I finally had a great week last week with schoolwork.  An excellent week in fact.

The good week was attributed mostly to her friend.  They wanted to spend time hanging out most of the week.  This meant Jasmine knew that before she could go hang out, or before her friend could come over here, she had to have her school work done.  Her friend called her early every morning to make sure she was getting out of bed.  It was great actually!

Tuesday was my sewing club day at church.  Jasmine still attends Bible study upstairs until about noon.  Once study is over she comes downstairs, has her lunch, then works on school work until 2:30 or so when we start cleaning up for the day.  I snuck in this shot of her working.....you should have seen the look she gave me afterwards!  You can see some of our projects laying all around her. 
 We made a trip to the library and checked out several books on England.  We still had 2 books we didn't get read about Greece, but we will get back to those.  I think it's a lot more important right now for her to learn about England since she is make a trip there in March.  Everything is looking good so far for the trip.  They had a Papa John's fundraiser this last weekend.  On the 27th they are doing an Indian Taco supper fundraiser.  I think that is the last that they have planned.  They have worked hard for over a year to earn their money to go.

School work otherwise last week, we made good progress in all the subjects.  Yesterday was a holiday, as you know.  I let Jasmine have a friend overnight, so she was here through supper yesterday.  I also had let my grandson spend the night with us since he didn't have school.  I took him home late afternoon.   Had the 2 of them not been over, we would have done some book work.  I do hope to have another successful week---as well as each week throughout the "end" of the school year.
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