Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wip Wednesday--Many Projects Going On!

I have continued to stay busy on my crafts, even around a busy schedule that is taking me away from home even more than usual.

I am working on crocheting washcloths..  I bought the blue specific for making them for Christmas gifts.  I have listed a set of three of them in my etsy store.  I've been working on crocheting the rest of the lighter colored spool of cotton yarn.  Almost ready for another set of those in my store, which will be the last of that color for now.

I have these 4 bibs for boys done except putting on the snap.  They will be listed in my etsy store in sets of 2.
 I've worked here and there on these quilt squares.  I am up to 31 done now....actually I sewed a few more after I took this photo.  I'm not sure how many I have left yet to make.  I think I'm going to go ahead and iron and cut down enough for a couple rows so I can see what I need yet.
I was going to make 2 quilt tops with these flowered strips, both the same style, but now I think I am going to do a string quilt with 6 inch squares instead for the second top.
Usually this post is about the first thing I do on Wednesday morning.  I took the photos this morning but it's after noon.  In the meantime, as I said, I sewed a few more of the flower blocks.  I am pretty close to finishing another set of 2 of the hotpads that I learned how to make last week.  I didn't put a photo this week since I hadn't made any progress.  I found more material and have it cut for more hotpads, but need to look in my stash for at least 3 more colors that I can cut for them.  I'm having fun attempting to perfect these, but maybe figuring out that I never will.

I also got a start on another toothbrush rug.  Still working now at getting the strips organized.  I doubt I will actually start working on it until after Christmas....but I will be ready at least.
I still have squares on my desk to put together for a quilt top for church.  We will not be meeting this month.  I also have material ready to make 2 simple table runner.
Truth me known, I have enough supplies in this house right now to keep me busy for 3 or 4 years at least!  The only thing I might have to buy is thread to sew with.

I better run!  I am linking up with the following blogs:
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