Friday, December 9, 2011

Frugal Friday Link Up--3 Uses for Kool-Aid

I've been rolling another idea around in my head....instead of just posting these everyday uses once a week, to make them more regular than that.  Plus, adding is other frugal tips of my own that I have learned and used over the years.  Still debating since I am behind on some other things in my blog....and my life  :)

I've not been doing well with my coupons.  I did get them all cut and in to my binder.  I'm just not finding the deals that I used to.  I do fear it has something to do with the Extreme Couponing show as many others are complaining about.  I'm noticing a definite drop in the value of coupons.  What used to be .50 off is now .25.  What used to be .50 off 1 is now .50 off 2.   This makes it pretty impossible to get anything free or for just pennies.  This couponer is very disappointed.
I just applied to do a review for a couponing ebook.  I do hope to be approved.  Even though I have been using coupons since 1982, instructions and motivation, tips and tricks, are always needed.

With that said, I will move on to the 99 Cent Solutions book.  Today I am sharing 3 uses for Kool-Aid.  (I'm putting an amazon link for the book at the end of my post too.   This is a great book!  Even though I am sharing something from the book each week, I am only up to page 30 of 335.  There are some neat facts and history throughout the book as well.  I'm very pleased that I purchased it.)

Uses for Kool-Aid:
1.  Cleaning concrete.   The same acids that make lemonade-flavored Kool-Aid taste good are a potent cleaning solution before you add the sugar and water.  Mi the contents of the package with 2 tbsp. hot water to make a paste, then rub that paste over rust stains in concrete.  Scrub with a stiff cleaning brush and the stains will disappear.  Rinse well.

2.  Remove dishwasher rust stains.   Hard water makes the inside of your dishwasher get dingy with iron and other mineral build up.  Just pour a package of lemonade flavored Kool-Aid into to soap dispenser and run your dishwasher on the heavy cycle.  It will gleam in the end.  (I must give this one a try!)

3.  Decorate a kid's room.  You know how kids love to decorate their own room. (My daughter has a chalk pastel mural on one of her walls)  Let your child choose the color(s) they prefer.  Stir in 2 packages of Kool-Aid into a quart of white, water-based paint and stir.  The strong dye makes a distinctive paint that's perfect to brighten up a wall in your child's room.

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