Thursday, December 8, 2011

Squidoo Hopping--Let's Get to Hopping!

Good Thursday to all!  I was just thinking this morning that it's getting close to squidoo payday for the month.  I didn't quite make it last month to get paid to paypal.  It's because I've been working to add charities to my lenses to give a tithe to, so that's great.  I do still have a lot of lenses to choose a charity for. 
I'm thinking of making a lens to highlight all the charities.  There are so many to choose from!

I built another This Day in History lens into late last night.  I think this one has the most history in it of any others so far.  It's This Day in History August 15.  I still have 3 more birthdays at least to get done before I start on other days.  I'm also going to build a placeholder lens with links to all the days as I get them done.

I only recall updating just one lens this past week and it's Marsha's Spot on Etsy.  That required removing the modules and replacing them.  Oh how I wish the etsy module could be edited to remove the items once they are sold or once they expire on etsy.  I added my zibbet banner to the lens too.  As my crafts expire unsold on etsy, I am moving them to my zibbet store.  Zibbet is free to list up to 50 items.  That is saving me a lot of money on paying to re-list on etsy, however, I have yet to sell anything on zibbet.

My question for this week----since I can not get the facebook fan page widget to work, is there a module that would allow me to put the widget code in to get it to show up that way?

****That's my report for the week.  I do hope to see several link up and share.  I am changing the "rules" of the hop.  Many of you don't have blogs.  So, for those of you who don't have blogs, feel free to link up your newest lens, a newly updated lens, or just a lens that you love that you've built.  Please limit this to 2 lenses per week.   Thanks!!****

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