Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Homeschool Journal--Week 18 Busy Busy!

Hip Homeschool Hop Button Last week was the busiest week that I've had, I think ever!  I was away from home a lot more than I was home.
And, when I was at home, I was in an online party Monday and Friday from 1-10 pm.   I attended and joined the local quilt guild, so I was there all of Monday morning.  I did a lot of sewing this past week.

So, what happened with schoolwork?  Sadly, it goes by the way side.
We watched numerous educational videos  such as one in the Financial Fitness for Young Adults series, videos from the Green Matter series, and History channel videos.
We did do text work, but just one day.

It's getting closer to Christmas every day.  We've been doing a lot of wrapping gifts.  Jasmine got in some good writing time by making out the list of who we are giving to, along with what we have for them so far as we wrapped it.
She is always writing something, or drawing.  She's always looking something up online that she is interested in.

In other words, she is learning every day whether we crack out the textbooks or not.  I believe it was just this past week that I read in someone else's blog to not get stressed over what you don't get done.   There were a lot of good words of advice in that post. 

Here is something else that happened last week to keep us busy.  This stray dog showed up at the door...he made himself right at home.  We've had no luck finding his owner.  We think he's been abused.  Jasmine so wants to keep him, but he is just so big!  He opens the gate and lets himself out of the back yard.  Another no no as we can't have him running the neighborhood.  Say some prayers for us that we figure out just what to do with him.  He is is sitting pretty with Jasmine:

 Oh!  and something else.  We got to give Algebrator a try this past week.   Jasmine's been looking forward to it even though math is her least favorite subject.   I hope you will click over and check it out as I am offering the software download in giveaway as well.

Algebrator Software Review and Giveaway

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