Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Makes and Takes for Kids 50 crafts throughout the year

With 5 grandchildren living with us between the ages of 2 and 10, I was super thrilled to be have the chance to review Make and Takes for Kids 50 crafts throughout the year!

I am a firm believer in keeping the minds of children working. A belief that they need many things to do other than watch tv, play on the computer, or play video games.

Make and Takes for Kids is filled with 50 craft projects to last throughout the year. Each month highlights 4 crafts, with February and December having 5 crafts.
All of the crafts are pretty simple, come with a photo, and clear instructions. Also included with each craft is a list of the learning objectives for that craft.

My grandkids looked through the book and have found lots of things to make. We started with making the Leaf Rubbing Turkey Feathers. I took the kids out for the walk to collect the leaves to rub. My daughter sat with all her children one evening to make the turkeys.
Below is a picture of them rubbing leaves and another photo of the 5 of them holding up their completed turkeys.

With December coming right up, I wanted to share a picture of the pages for one of the 5 crafts for December.

Book info:
Written by Marie LeBaron ISBN 978-1-118-08336-9 Published by Wiley

Find out more on the book tour here.

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