Monday, November 21, 2011

Magel's Ghost by Nancy Baker--Book Review

Magel's Ghost by Nancy Baker
ISBN 978-0-87839-424-1
Published by North Star Press of St. Cloud, Inc.

Magel's Ghost is the sequel to Magel's Daughter. As I started reading chapter one, I admit to being totally confused....and because of my confusion I didn't know if I wanted to continue reading the book or not. I did continue to read the book, as I do with any book that I have agreed to review. As the chapters unfold, so does parts of what happened in the first book, making things a bit more clear.

This is from the back of the book:
Magel's Ghost,the sequel to Magel's Daughter, continues the story of Karin as she relocated to Minneapolis. Magel has now joined the hallucinatory gathering and continues to harass Karin from beyond the grave.

Hagen, her demented cousin, assists her in the quest for power in the art community. Hagan's role is to dispose of any real or imagined enemies using his expertise as a master butcher and sausage maker. The responsibility of maintaining the purity of the family's Norwegian genealogy rests on Hagan's skills.

The characters caught in Karin's wed, involve the grandfather, gather, and son of a wealthy Minneapolis family. She is at once the ultimate fantasy and lover to all three men. The ripple effect of her destructive psychosis is hilarious.

My review:
I requested to review Magel's Ghost because it was logged as a paranormal romance. I had read one before that was really good.
I guess you could say Magel's Ghost is a romance, but I wouldn't really see it that way. Sure, there is lots of sex in the book. Here I must say that not only is there a lot of sex in the book, it is described explicitly, and most of it I found to be quite disturbing.

The last line of the description from the back of the book talks about Karin's destructive psychosis as hilarious. I didn't find much funny in this book. Sure, I laughed out loud several times while reading it. Then others (my husband and daughter mostly) would ask me what was so funny. I would then have to tell them, but it was always so out there more than funny.

I did read the book to the end. It ends in a way that yet another sequel can easily be born. This is not my type of reading at all. What I mean by that is the explicit sex scenes alone. Without those I found this book to be entertaining and engaging. It made me do a lot of wondering about these Norwegian customs...wondering if by chance they really are true.

I generally don't go into any detail about a book in my reviews as I do not want to spoil the reading for anyone else. This book is no different...besides, I would have no idea where to start! I would suggest that if you enjoy this type of reading, to read Magel's Daughter before Magel's Ghost. Both are listed below for sale on amazon if you are interested.

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