Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Homeschool Journey--Making Use of the Public Library

Hip Homeschool Hop Button Again last week we only ended up with 2 days of what I call full school.  By that I mean that all of the books got pulled out and we worked every subject.

I am super busy with my crafts.  I've decided it's a must to up my income.  They won't sell if they aren't made!

We always go to the library each Tuesday after Bible study.  Right now we still have 5 books about Greece to read.  I'm building a squidoo lens highlighting the books we are reading, photos, and what we are learning.  I will share that once we get through all of the books.  This last week we went to the video section.  For now, watching educational videos throughout the week is going to be part of our routine.
We only watched 2 last week.  One was on Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes and the other was Alex Anderson Teaches You to Start Quilting.  Ok, the quilting video was for me, but she really paid attention to it.  So much that I'm sure she will be reminding me a lot of what the lady was teaching.  Yep....home-ec.

I need to work harder at cracking down on her to work on things that she can do on her own.

I have a software to review called the Algebrator.  I hope to get that done tomorrow.  Along with the review will be a giveaway here on my blog.  Jasmine is actually excited to give it a try and see if seeing the problem worked in front of her will help her understand it better than me working problems on the board for her to see and reading how to do them out of a book.

I will leave you with this photo of Jasmine holding up one of her chalk pastel drawings.  

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