Thursday, September 1, 2011

Squidoo Hopping 9/1/11--Linky

Wow! August is gone and here we are to September 1.

Again I crammed in most of my squidoo in to yesterday. Every day I'm in squidoo, just not updating or building my own lenses like I should be.
I'm appreciating the 2 squidoo groups that I belong to in facebook.

I got busy last night with my goal of finding a charity for each lens and tithing from squidoo through helping others. I found my best way to see what the charities were while I was in there was to put it in to the donations module and go read the description from there.
I'm disappointed that there are no charities that deal with crafts---like making crafts to send to the needy. I wanted one of those for my craft type lenses. Also, I seen no charity that dealt with music. I was hoping to find one of those for my music lenses.

Anyway, I updated my Marsha's Crafts lens adding KIVA as the charity. I also did some updating. It needs more updating though because I hope to rid myself of the Gifts Galore and More website since I can't update it myself and I don't focus on many of the crafts that are listed there anymore.

I updated Earn Money Online aka Earn With Marsha to add KIVA as the charity as well. KIVA gives loans and grants to entrepreneurs. I did some updating of the lens otherwise as well.

Lastly I updated Our Unschooling Journal adding Room to Read as the charity. This was fun again to look back almost 3 years ago and see what Jasmine looked like and what she was doing.

I've asked before, but this is still bothering me. Does anyone know how to delete items from the etsy module after they are sold? They are just staying there forever. I'm thinking my best bet is to just delete the module and re-add a new one and start over!

That's all for me this week. I look forward to hopping along with you.

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