Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP Wednesday 8/10/11

Happy Wednesday all!  I skipped this last week, as I did all my blog posts.  It was a great newlywed/vacation week!
I didn't work on any crafts at all until this past Sunday evening.

I sewed some on a couple of fabric bags.  I didn't picture them, and I didn't finish them, but I needed the pins to finish pinning the binding.  I now have the back of the binding sewn on and have started sewing on the front of the binding.  Won't take me long to finish it once I get back to blue thread in my sewing machine.

It was sewing club day at church yesterday.  This is Betty sewing on the edging material on the jelly roll top that I sewed and showed in a previous WIP post.

This is Anita and Goldie at sewing club working on finishing up a quilt that I sewed the top to.  Our quilts are donated to the domestic violence center locally.

When I got to sewing club I immediately started cutting strips of gingham material for another jelly roll type quilt top.  I had meant to have the strips cut before our next meeting but with the wedding and all I just didn't get it done.  This is how far I got on the cutting.  I'm saving the yellow for the edging.  I'm thinking there might be enough to do 2 quilts.
Betty arrived a few minutes late for sewing club and the rest of us had gotten to work on previous quilts.  She announced she was calling a meeting.  Pastor has asked that we make a special quilt to send to Global Missions.  Betty had a book with pattern ideas as well as a quilt she had made before.  We chose to make the one like she had made before.  3 or 4 of us got busy cutting and sewing squares for it.  Betty and I sewed up 31 of the 48 squares needed.  I brought home the strips to try to finish up this week.  We are meeting again next week again because we have less than 6 weeks to complete this quilt and get it sent in for display and then eventually distribution.

I think that's it for this week's updates.  As always, I have lots of things in my mind that I would love to get started on.....too bad I have to sleep!  Also too bad I have to now deal with a 2 yr old grandson living in our house that touches everything!  I can't just leave my sewing machine out anymore, which is a pain.   I am working on a craft order that includes dish scrubbies, but those will be completed this evening and the order in tomorrows mail.

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  1. Beautiful stuff! I love the idea of a quilt for a mission project.


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