Friday, August 12, 2011

Frugal Friday Link Up 8/12/11

Welcome to the Frugal Friday Link up. Sorry for taking the week off last week with no notice!

At the moment I am working on creating things for my granddaughters birthday's this month. All 3 of them have birthdays this month with the first one tomorrow!! I am making them each a bracelet with plarn as well as a necklace with plarn and beads. I am also using up some of my left over quilt squares and making them each a blanket for their dolls. Money to spend on gifts is not an option right now and I would rather make gifts if I can anyway. They always love what I make for them.

Here are some more tips from the 99 Cent Solutions book. We are still in the baking soda category.

#1 Make tomatoes sweeter. This is a tip for next season. It says that if you sprinkle baking soda around the base of your tomato plants that the tomatoes will taste sweeter.

#2 Save a mildewed book. If it's a mild case of mildew, you can save the book with baking soda. Sprinkle it lightly between the pages, then put the book n a paper bag and dust the outside with more baking soda. Let it sit for several days, then remove, shake out and dust off the baking soda, and let the book get a shot of bright sunlight. It won't remove the mildew marks, but if you store it in a dry place, no more mildew will grow.

#3 Take the sting out of sunburn. We had to use this tip when my daughter came home with a bad sunburn from the lake this year. Pour a cup of baking soda into a lukewarm bath. It will take the sting out and lessen the pain quickly.


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