Saturday, July 16, 2011

Disrupted Lives by Brenda Youngerman--Book Review

Disrupted Lives by Brenda Youngerman
ISBN 978-1-61204-192-6
Published by Strategic Publishing Group

This is the 3rd novel I've had the privilege to read by Brenda Youngerman.  I've loved them all, and hope to eventually get a chance to read all that she has written.  I'm proud to call Brenda my online friend.  She's a wonderful person with a kind heart and gentle spirit.

Brenda has a writing style that I love.  She reels you in to each story by starting close to the end of the story, but then she takes you back to the beginning and finally back to the final end.  Her style makes you want to keep reading as all of her characters lives are intertwined in some way.  Disrupted Lives is no different.

Taken from the back of the novel:

A name does notmake a person, a person makes a name.
From 1920 to present day Georgia, this saga of family secrets and old Southern prejudices are explored in the explosive novel.  

The book starts out with Amelia and Darren and Amelia has just woke up from yet another one of her numerous nightmares.  Nightmares over a baby her parents forced her to give up when she was a teenager.

So the story goes, back to the beginning.  It amazes me how the story line goes in Disrupted Lives, as it does in all of Brenda's novels.  Story lines are easy to follow, but just when you are sure of what happened next, you are surprised.   I do enjoy how things end up for the positive.

I do not like to give much away about a book in my reviews, but will leave you by saying I highly recommend Disrupted Lives, as well as all other Brenda Youngerman books.

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Disclaimer:  I rec'd a copy of Disrupted Lives by the author for the purpose of this review and blog tour.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are my own.



  1. Great review of Disrupted Lives, Marsha. I'll be posting mine tomorrow at Ruthi Reads!

  2. Hey Marsha! I've posted my review, which you'll find on Brenda's linky list..:-)

  3. Hi Marsha, I'm a Disrupted Lives participate also. stop by and read my review. I like the 'a litte bit of everything.

  4. Marsha,
    Thanks for the great review and participating in the blog tour!

  5. Oh this book looks interesting. Thank you for linking it up at my blog hop, Marsha. X

  6. Brenda writes good stuff. I haven't read this, but I read her book 'Sorrowed Souls' and it was very good.

  7. I like storylines that surprise. Nice review.


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