Monday, July 18, 2011

Mailbox Monday 7/18/11

Another pretty slow week, but something in the mail each day I suppose it always good...well, it's fun anyway.
Magazines: Forbes, Ok, Bloomsberg Businessweek, Sports Illustrated and People.
My Jerky Direct autoship (paid for + by my downline)
Envie of coupons won by Pamela but she asked it be sent to me--Thanks to both Pamela for thinking of me and Cathie for holding the giveaway.
Several pieces of hausernet mail
Free coupon for Jif To Go 8 pack
Seeds inside a garden club offer
Time of Grace magazine
My email was great this past week:
.19 paypal from youdata
$9.41 paypal from article writing services (after paypal fees)
craft order to paypal
$9.39 paypal from squidoo

Frugal Friend
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