Monday, July 11, 2011

Downy Unstopables---This Stuff is "da bomb"!!

Downy Unstopables is  a new laundry scent booster.  The dissolving scent beads to in before you start the wash so more scent infuses into your clothes, sheets and towels.  The freshness lasts for more than 30 days.

New Downy Unstopables just hit select stores.  I was given the opportunity to try it and share it with you, my blog readers.

I encourage you to sign up at as they have another exclusive Downy UNSTOPABLES sample offer coming soon!

Downy Unstopables go directly into the washer drum to infuse a fresh, unstoppable scent.   Shake a little, or shake a lot.  Toss into the drum of the washer before starting the wash.  Safe to be used in HE machines as well..  Drop in any machine-washable clothes, towels, or other fabrics.


You can use Unstopables with or without fabric softner.  Safe for all colors, fabrics, and loads.  Great for active wear and towels.

Unstopables comes in 2 scents:  Fresh-Cleam, Airy, Crisp and Lush-Luxurious, Relaxing, Romantic.

My review/opinion:
I fell in love with Downy Unstopables the moment I opened up my package that came in the mail!
I had spent almost 6 hours out in over 100 degree weather, but couldn't wait to start a load of clothes and give the product a try.

I didn't have any of my own clothes to try it on first so I went to my teenagers closet and grabbed a load worth of dirty clothes.  She was spending the night with a friend so she wasn't home to know what I was doing.  When she came home, she smelled her laundry as soon as she walked in the door and asked me what was smelling so great.  Shoot, she even went right away and put her laundry away!

I've done 4 more loads using Downy Unstopables since that first day.  I'm telling you, as I said in my title, this stuff is the bomb!  I'm definitely sold!  It's wonderful  to crawl into bed at night with sheets that just smell fantastic.

Recently 5 of my grandchildren have moved in to our house for a bit.  They are insisting they can't wear any of their clothes if they've not been washed wtih the Unstopables.  They want to smell good.  My daughter said she took them to the store in the clothes I had washed for them and she just had to keep stopping the shopping cart to smell their clothes.

I also want to note that I hang my clothes out on the line to dry.  I've not had liquid fabric softener, so this is so much an added plus to have the lined dried clothes have such a great scent.

Downy Unstopables "knocks the sock off" the competitor!

Here is a photo of my bottle on the washer and a photo of my first load out on the line drying.

Disclaimer:  I received a full size bottle of Downy Unstopables (as well as a pair of socks) as a member of for the purpose of trying the product and sharing  my thoughts with my blog readers.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions about the product are my own.


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