Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday 7/13/11

At least I did get some things done this past week so I do have photos to show this week.

Let's start with the fabric bags.  I completed one for an order and have these 2 ready to sew:

Now let's move on to the string quilt I was making for church.  I did work to get it finishes since one of the ladies was going to show us a new quilt technique at club yesterday.  I wanted to share the pic of it completed.
 So....our new lesson was a jelly roll quilt.  She brought instructions copied for each of us.  The instructions are titled the Easiest Ever Jelly Roll Throw.   I had no clue what a jelly roll was....and still really didn't until I was home and looked it up online.  She told me to not do the diagonal stitching when adding each strip as per the instructions.  I see online what it looks like when you do.  Also we did not use 40 inch strips either.  We have a huge box of scrap material to use up in our club, so our strips are all different sizes.   I think it looks neat, and yes, another project for me.  I think, however, that I have all my scraps here at the house cut to 2 inches.  I can still do this though and just make the original strip lots of inches longer right?  If not, I will cut up my other material.  You know me, I'm on to another project now that I've learned something new.  I will also be starting another top for sewing club as well.
Here is a pic of me working on sewing down from the first strip:
Once home from club I couldn't help but keep sewing until the top was done. Once you get past sewing a line of 1600 inches of strips and folding in half to go down the first time, it sews up really quickly.  Some of the other lady's will now work later to put in the center, put on the back, hem and tie it.  It's laying on our king size bed and the sun is shining on it from one window.  I think it looks cool.
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