Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shop Hop Saturday 7/16/11

It's Saturday again already.  Days just string together anymore and I always stay busy.
This past week I didn't complete any new crafts to list in my etsy store.  I worked on some, but nothing completed.
Tuesday was our sewing club at church where I learned a new quilting technique.  I haven't had my sewing machine back out since that day.

I have been working on orders that have come in.  It's such a great feeling to get orders!  I'm waiting for materials to come in to complete one order of fabric bags, but half of her order has already been shipped.  I had an order for dish scrubbies that I completed and mailed out.  And, the order I am currently working on is for 12 washcloths.

We are having another garage sale today--once again with no other advertising except signs hung up around town.  Last time all I sold was 2 dish scrubbies, so while I was already making them for an order, I made some more to put in my big jar on my craft table.  I did try to call in for an ad in the newspaper but I called 30 minutes past the deadline.  With highs in the triple digits, it is too hot to sit outside, and most definately if we don't have lots of customers and actually make some money.

Ok, back to business.  I did manage to get a few new items created in my zazzle store.   I will share those today.   I still have trouble with trying to design there.  I did a couple of t-shirts but I can't get my pics to be as large on the t-shirts as I want.  I was trying to make a bag as well, same problem.  If I make it to fit the product then I get the warning about the photo will be pixeled.  I printed out the help on what size photos should be.  Hopefully I can keep my goal and get a few new items in my store each week.

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