Thursday, July 14, 2011

Squidoo Hopping 7/14/11

Happy Thursday!  Welcome to this week's squidoo hop.

Shouldn't it be squidoo pay day?

I rec'd an email asking me if I would like a 30 day subscription to fotopia and then do a website review for them here on my blog.  Fotopia offers royalty free photos and such.  I accepted right away with squidoo in mind.  I believe it was Gale who emailed me about changing some of my intro pics.  I tend to just go make words in paint when I don't have a photo for the intro.  I will be taking full advantage of my free 30 days membership on Fotopia where I can download up to 5 images each day.  It looks really great so far.
I updated one lens intro pic using one of my downloads---you will it on my Books for All Ages lens.  I also updated the Christmas countdown module while I was there.

On suggestion last week I did a little tweeking in my With Violets Book Review lens.  What I see there is that I have my review of the book in the intro.  I don't like that.  I want my review in a text module.  However, I didn't change it yet with squidoo squaking about how many words are in our intros.  Suggestions on what to put in the intro area other than the name of the book, the author, the ISBN number and publisher?  Or, would these things make the intro long enough?

Also this past week I found that I had a wrong URL in my Jerky Direct Business Opportunity lens.  This lens is staying towards the top of my list, so that makes me happy.  

I have 4 lenses in the pink so I will try to concentrate on seeing what updates I can get done to those this week and get them moved up.  I'm still confused on that....with the thousands, probably close to a million lenses that are out there, how would you ever keep all of your lenses out of the pink??  I really do not get it, and really do not like that they become works in progress if rank goes higher than 400,000 and then not accessible through search engines (at least that's what I read).

Anyway, I hope to see lots hopping along this week. I always look forward to hopping around to those who link up!


  1. Fotopia sounds great. I tend to use Morgue file images for my lenses and blog posts. I have a friend who runs with her husband and the photos are great plus family and blog friendly.

    I think for new Squidoo users we tend to put everything in the Introduction first at least that was the case for me. Now I know that the introduction is just to grab the readers attention and whet their appetite so they dive deeper into the lens.

    One thing that helps me when making the introduction is to know that I have less than 30 seconds to catch the readers eye.

  2. Hi Marsha!

    I like what Sara had to say about our Squidoo lens introductions. And, I agree with you about the review being in the intro and need to change my SquidLit lenses, too. So many Squidoo ToDo's!

    Hey, today is Squidoo payday, hooRAYo!

    Thanks for hosting the hop, Marsha! Now I'm off to hop through your lenses and others in the hop and I will check back later in the week for any new hoppers!

  3. Marsha, I just visited your "With Violets" book review lens. How about, since this was your first historical fiction read, you talk a bit about historical fiction writings in your intro for this lens?


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