Friday, July 15, 2011

52 Weeks of Organizing--Week 28 (Week 5 for Me)

Friday again. Seems that working this challenge is really the only thing keeping me going on my attempt to organize and de-clutter. That's a good thing though, and exactly why I was glad to find orgjunkie and the challenge.
However, it seems that motivation comes the day before it's time to do the post so that I have something to post. I suppose that is ok too as long as things are getting done.

This week I re-claimed my kitchen counters.
Check out this before photo.....yuck!!  Let's mom's muffin tins that never were returned to her, a box of bread,  back of I don't know what, recycle items, and a lot of misc. junk.

Ta da!  This is what I have now.  This took me close to an hour to find places for things and wash everything down.  If you could see the white crockpot in the corner of the first photo, it's now up in the cabinet and replaced with a 6 qt red one.  It was hilarious...we were sitting at supper last night and my 14 yr old looked over at the counter and said, "We have a toaster??  I didn't even know that."  It was hilarious!

I have an awful confession to make........the coffee table is staying pretty cleared off, but the 2 side tables are needing help again.  One is my daughter and grandchildren's stuff, the one by me is my will get cleaned off though as it's become my sewing machine table since my craft room had to be turned in to a bedroom while they all live with us.

 I am posting this to the linky over at orgjunkie.  Please click the button below and hope over and either join in, or see what others have accomplished this past week.


  1. I love a clear counter. I try to clean mine off each night before I go to bed so I wake up to a clutter free kitchen!
    Happy Organizing!

  2. I have the same issue in my house. My kitchen counters tend to get cluttered every week and every Sunday is my de-clutter day!

    You've been tagged...come on over and check it out!

  3. That's so funny about the toaster! Your cleared counter looks great. I cleared off my counter one of the weeks too and it is so great to be able to actually use it!

  4. I have a constant battle with my counter space as well. But we must persevere and win the game of organizing! Good job! Keep it up!


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