Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Walgreen's Shopping 6/20 (and store changes) and Wal Mart Shopping

First I want to talk about the store changes I seen at Walgreen's when I shopped yesterday.   There are now signs in front of the register rewards items that state "Limit one item per household per day"  The cashier told me this is to stop people from doing numerous transactions, allowing others to have a chance to get the products before the shelves are empty.
I know that lots of people do this.  Personally, I've only done it a few times for items we really needed and could use.  Normally in this case I make my daughter go through the line rather than myself doing more than one transaction.
Is this a nationwide change, or just my store?  I'm curious because one of the managers at my Walgreen's has been assuring me for week's that he was trying to figure out how to make it so that when I come to shop the items aren't gone.

Here is what I got:
1 Gillette Fusion razor on sale for $9.89, used $4 coupon, got back $5 in RR's
Lysol Wipes, on sale for $2.99, no coupon, got back $1 in RR's
Real Soft 4 double roll pack, $2.29, no coupon (I went to get the Charmin 6 double rolls on sale for $2.99 with Walgreen's coupon only to be told that item was discontinued)
5 boxes of Royal gelatin, on sale for .19 each.  I used $1/5 coupon that they took down to the .95 off.

In addition, I used $11 in RR's from my previous shopping.  I paid just $1.47 OOP ($1.30 of that was sales tax) and took home $6 in RR's.   I call this a sucessful trip!     I was able to get cleaning wipes that I wanted, toilet paper that we needed, a razor to put in my Christmas stash box, and free gelatin.

 Now, on to Wal Mart.  I didn't have many of the coupons in my box that were to match up for the bargains, but I did get a few things.  My breakfast drink went up from $4.58 to $4.96, but that is still $2 cheaper than at the grocery store.  I was glad to be able to print $1.25 coupons from their facebook page!

I purchased:
5 ct Zrtex, $5.27, used $5 coupon that I printed from the Walmart website
2- Carefree pantyliners, .94, used 2-.50 coupons
Carnation Instant Breakfast, $4.96, used $1.25 coupon

I paid $5.83 OOP of which .97 was sales tax.  Not bad.   I'm enjoying how much easier it is to use coupons at Wal Mart now and since that is where I buy my breakfast drink since it's so much cheaper, I am now watching for the posts on the deals there.

 Until next time,
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