Thursday, June 23, 2011

Squidoo Hopping 6/23/11

Welcome to another week of Squidoo blog hopping!

This week I want to ask a question about those lenses that go "in the pink".  It's my understanding that once the ranking gets 400,000 or more they are no longer even able to be found in the search engines?  If that's the case, how are they to get higher in rank....other than we promote them and/or update them in some way.  They become works in progress in the low ranking.  It's frustrating me.
With the thousands and thousands of lenses out there, how in the world would you prevent your lenses from going in to work in progress status?

Ok...on that note, here are most of the lenses that I am now showing in the pink.  Some I'm not worried about as I'm going to delete them once I get more built.

Superdove Book Review

Kansas--Our First Lapbook!

Meatball Subs

Crash by Mayra Calvani

Sorry, another question.  Two of these are book reviews, which in turn are listed within my Book Reviews lens.  If they are in the pink and considered a work in progress, I notice they are not showing on my list on my bio page as well as when you read my bio, they aren't even counted as how many lenses I have.  Does this mean they aren't showing up in my book reviews lens to maybe get some exposure from there?

Now....back to the lenses that I have updated since last Thursday:

Jerky Direct Business Opportunity

All About Marsha

Gather The BEST in Social Networking 

I hope to see lots to hop around to this week!






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